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  • What happens when I come to your treatment room?
    Depends on your treatment or what you want, I would normally consult with you beforehand to see if there are any areas of your body you would like me to concentrate on and if Aromatherapy we ask you to choose your preferred Oil fragrance by having sample smell of the essential oil. If Traditional Thai Massage I you can undress to change your clothing and for you to put on some lose Thai pajamas on and I will ask you if you are ready from the next room For oil massage again directed to an area to undress all the way down to your underwear (or no underwear but we still have a strict policy of having a towel) and lie down on the massage table with the towel across your lower regions and again ring the bell to let me know you are ready. The Massage tables are situationed in each of our small rooms so we ensure total privacy and away from prying eyes. And the back window we have blackout curtains and closed windows blinds so again total privacy from the outside world. Then the treatment begins and will vary from client to client depending on your needs, but time and effort will be spent on each part of your body. The room is lightly lit and soothing spa relaxing music will be played while you are having your treatment, so total bliss and relaxation is ensured. Once your time is up, you are given some complimentary water, time to dress and then settle the bill by paying in cash/card. You might get follow text/email to say thanks and to leave a comment on one our social media accounts, and hoping you visit me again soon.
  • What is the most popular treatment?
    That would be the Oil/Aromatherapy 1 hr service
  • Can I pay using my Debit or credit Card?
    Yes, we can now take payment on cards via Square Payment device
  • Or are there any hidden charges?
    There are no hidden charges what you see on my price list is what you pay.
  • Do you have any showers?
    Sorry no we do not have that facility here, but our massage oils are not sticky, so you should not feel the need for a shower.
  • Are there toilets at your place?
    Yes we have toilet facilities here
  • How much can you massage table take?
    We have a custom-made table and can withstand a lot of weight estimated 150Kg as I also climb on top of the table during a massage session that requires it. So to put it bluntly is it a VERY strong table and not one those portable fold up tables you see online.
  • Do I need to tip (give gratuity)?
    No tip needed, but greatly appreciated if you did! 😊
  • Where is your place?
    Full details online and directions, but we are situated next to the green, I live in a detached house located on the corner of Parkers walk and alongside Vincent close
  • Are there spaces to park the car?
    You will find ample spaces on the grass verge just outside my house, and if you come around the back you will be in the garage units and can park alongside the street as there are no double yellow lines on the road.
  • Do you offer “extras” ?
    If you mean anything of a sexual nature like hand relief I do not. And we do not do Happy Endings.
  • What is the temperature like in your treatment room?
    Depends on the time of year, when it is colder we have the room nice and warm and you will think you are in Thailand (main radiator as well as an oil electric portable radiator to set the correct temperature) and together with an electric blanket on the bed to keep you warm on those chilly days. But as you know our British weather varies and therefore on hot days we have a big floor standing fan to give you a cool breeze for while you are having your massage plus we can turn on our air conditioning so you will never feel uncomfortable with the heat
  • Does it hurt?
    No pains no gains as the saying go, or in my case I will say it’s nice pain! 😊, but on a serious note if you do feel the treatment is to strong then please let me know. Though I do have customers that are the opposite and want a more stronger massage done.
  • Can I bring my own loose clothing for Thai Massage?
    Certainty, whatever makes you feel comfortable while I massage you.
  • Where have a seen you before?
    ​​​​​​I use to work on the Spa shop on Newmarket High street first floor
  • Can I hear barking?
    Yes, we have a dog called Dasiey but she is kept upstairs and sleeps most of the time and is separated by a child proof gate, so she will not bother you while you come to my house, but if you did like dogs then please feel welcome in seeing her before you leave.
  • Can your treatments be combined, if I wanted a 2 hour session?"
    Yes, we can cater for a 2 hr session, just let us know what you want and we can let you know if it is possible
  • Is there a height limit for clients you can treat?
    We don't have any height restriction our table is over 2 meters in lenght plus area to rest your head, and if you are very tallyou feet will just hang over the end!
  • Can we book for a couple massage (two people at the same time)
    Unfortunatley we cannot cater for couples massage as I work soley on my own now
  • How many treatment rooms do you have?
    We have two independant treatment rooms
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